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Selected solo exhibitions

2019        Sarajevo, B&H, Triplet, SWF, Academy of fine arts, UNSA (with Slavica Janeslieva and Igor Sekovski) 

2018     Kavadarci, “Protrusion” Cultural center “Ivan Mazov-Klime” (with Igor Sekovski and Boris Shemov)

             Prilep, Anatomy of being, Cultural center Marko Cepenkov


2017    Skopje, Anatomy of being, National gallery of Macedonia

2015    New York, Mo(nu)ment Document, Gallery MC

2014    Cetinje, Montenegro, Content for the others II, Studio DADO, National museum of Montenegro
            Skopje, Mo(nu)ment, National gallery of Macedonia

2010    Banja Luka, B&H, Fifty or Fifty extended, Museum of contemporary art
            New York, Content for the others II, Gallery MC

2009    Sarajevo, B&H, Content for the others, Subdocuments and Charlama depot
            Venice,Italy, 53rd Venice Biennale Fifty or Fifty extended, , Palazzo Zenobio
            Skopje, Horizon-a, Small gallery

2008    Niksic, Montenegro, Line or number, Gallery Ilija Sobaic     

2007    New York, Continuous Probability Distributions, Gallery MC
            Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Continuous Probability Distributions, Ancient Bath

2006    Skopje, Fifty or Fifty, Museum of Contemporary Art
            Veles, Path, National Museum

2002    Skopje, System-s, Museum of the city of Skopje

1998    Skopje, Sculptures, Youth Cultural Center

Selected group exhibitions

2018  Skopje, In a search for a better yesterday, Public Room &Ars Acta Institute for Arts&Culture

2017  Skopje, Macedonian postcard, MoCA
          Prishtina, Kosovo, Essence of existence, National gallery of Kosovo
          Kosice, Slovakia, Features(Entercity)Like#Screen, LIKEFESTIVAL, Kunsthalle;
          Turin,Italy, EnterCity, Cavallerizza Reale;
          Bitola, TAXI, Elements;
          Sarajevo,BH, Transfiguring, Imago mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection, Bosnian cultural canter

2016 Skopje, In a search for a common ground, YCC
          Skopje, Creative weekend, Mo(nu)ment Document, CAC Gallery
          Munich, Germany, In a search for a common ground 2, Dommag atelier

2015 Baku, Azerbaijan, In a search for a common ground, Contemporary art center
         Skopje, Essence of existence, NGM
         Skopje, Acquisitions of NGM, MOCA, Cifte amam, National gallery of Macedonia
         Skopje, Stop terror, MCS
         Zagreb, Croatia, Essence of existence, Lauba gallery

2013 Vienna, Austria, Breath and Salt, Transition and a half
         New York, USA, An exit, from one place to another, Gallery MC
         Napoli, Italy, Reflection: White-Black or not, Casoria contemporary art museum

2012 Skopje, Live action/Game action 2, NGM
         Skopje, White night, YCC

2011 Skopje, Fragments of Macedonian art, MOCA
         Skopje, Live action/Game action, NGM
         Skopje, Joy of living, MCS
         Skopje, Minimalism, constructivism and monochomaticity in the Macedonian art, MOCA

2010  Cairo,  Egypt, Content for the others 2, 12 Cairo Biennale, Opera house

2009  Brussels, Crucial in selecting, Flemish ministry of foreign affairs
          Skopje, City will rise again, Museum of the city of Skopje
          Skopje, Reinkart, Museum of the city of Skopje


2008  Skopje, In-out, National gallery of Macedonia
          New York, Eight contemporary Macedonian artists, Gallery MC
          Skopje, Art and Development, Gallery Press to exit and World bank
          Skopje, Refresh yourself Main square, Museum of the city of Skopje
          Gorni Milanovac, Serbia, 9th International biennial of miniature art
          Sarajevo, BH, The door was open, Art gallery
          Bitola, Strumica, Macedonia Sculptures of this age, Galerija Megaza

2007  Kumanovo, Macedonia, Sculptures from this age, Cultural center
          Skopje, Association of artist of Macedonia, Museum of the city of Skopje
          Bitola, Macedonia, Out of Volume, Gallery Megaza
          Caldas Da Rainha, Portugal, Sculptures, Galeria Pepper’s
          Skopje, Small plastic, KIC,

2006  Varna, Bulgaria, August in art, Art gallery
          Toresh Vedras, Portugal,Sculptures Coperativa Comunicação e Cultura

2005  Skopje, International art symposium Galichnik, Museum of the city of Skopje

2004  Los Angeles, USA, Bread and salt, Angelsgate Cultural Center
          Skopje, Award winners, Ljubomir Belogaski, Museum of the city of Skopje

2003  Xanti, Greece, Art and Health project
          Veles, Macedonia, The Differences unite, Art gallery
          Vienna, Austria, Soho in Ottakring
          Skopje, 6-th Biennale of youth artists, Museum of Contemporary Art
         Trieste, Italy, Contemporanea Trieste

2002  Galichnik, Macedonia, International art symposium Galichnik
          Kosjerich, Yugoslavia, International art camp

2001  Skopje, 5-th Biennale of youth artists Museum of Contemporary Art
          Samothrace, Greece, Third Interbalcanic art symposium
          Constanta, Romania, 9-th International ceramic symposium Hamangia 2001

2000  Strumica, 36 International art symposium
          Skopje, Student International Art Biennale, Museum of the city of Skopje
          Skopje, Association of Artists of Macedonia, Winter saloon, MCA

1999  Prilep, International studio for iron sculptures

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