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It would be a shame not to have snakes here (2015)

The work is inspired by аn event that happened several years ago, when snakes massively appeared  in the city (Skopje), during the summer period. The public was scared and strongly excited and started a debate over the issue. Is the appearance of the snakes a consequence of some systemic or omission of the institutions? Various people (nonprofessionals) managed to convince the public, through the media and social networks, that the biodiversity in Skopje is consciously displaced and that it is a thoughtfully motivated and annoying scenario. People strongly believed that there is some kind of plot against the citizens of Skopje. After some days of euphoria, conspiracies and hypotheses, hypocrisies and superstitions to the question "Why snakes appeared and what to do with the snakes in Skopje?" An authority from the Natural History Museum  responded :  "It would be a shame not to have snakes here."

This work is a monument of shame.

Goce Nanevski

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