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THE BIRTH elaborates the aspect of the birth, seen through various prisms, beginning with the most basic one, the biological – physical prism, presented in conversation with doctor – gynecologist and embryologist (gravid with first child); through the spiritual birth and coexistence with God, in eschatological and philosophical aspect of an orthodox priest – doctor of philosophy ; philosophic and society ontologies about the birth and maturation, presented by doctor of philosophy, professor and socio – political observer, down to female narratives about woman – mother physiology – successful professionals in their fields, which lives change with the act of giving birth, dignifies them and improves their personality (whether it is about one or more children).


Cast: Slavko Boshkoski, Daniela Kjurcieva, Father Milan Djordjevic, Dragana Miloshevski Popova, Vladimir Trajkovski, Jordan Shishovski, Mimoza Vitanova


DESTINY treats representatives of the most vulnerable category of citizens in Macedonia, completely marginalized – the Roma population and the minority connected with the meaning of the word destiny in positive and negative connotation. The integration and emancipation of Roma population has taken a higher level in the last decade, especially in the fields of education, society incorporation, but unfortunately they are still the only ones begging on the streets (regardless the age). The video, problematizing this micro world, targeting indirect criticism in two directions – the society for not caring enough and the solution of this community to be satisfied with the stereotypes and not being aware that everyone’s destiny is individual. Visually, this video is color free, it’s in black and white, with authors music included, sounds from frozen video frames with snow effect, sounds and shots made with irreversible circulation of certain video sequence. The water and desert intersection associations point on lethargic and nomadic sense for freedom, engraved in the genetic code in Roma population, because of what they are hardly becoming a part of any social matrix.

Cast: Arcesan Mustafa, Kamber Ibraimovic, Muhamed Bajramov, Miljaim Husein, Adlan Baftijarov


Video deals with old peoples and Macedonian tribes tales and legends about vampire existence, transmitted from generation to generation, and gradually steps over on current society analysis and personification of currant problems in political, economic, social and cultural world like the act of the vampires. Giving a spiritual dimension of the video, the author concludes that we all are the vampires of nowadays and all of current social malformations are happening thanks to ourselves, initiated directly and indirectly by community’s social factors. One of the interesting comments in the video, by the interlocutor Kosta says: the vampires are taking from you four of five grinds, they will left you one. So, there were some kind of ethics among them…unlike modern vampires without any ethics, and less morals and scruples.


Cast: Kosta Poposki, Jordan Palceski, Ilija Palceski-Duko

DoP, Editor, Director: Goce Nanevski

Ana Frangovska, curator

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